Meet up @ TNCM - 170850ZJAN16

in about 15 mins, i will do a meetup at St Marteen, Caribbean. Anyone interessted? My callsign is Thomson 221, and i will be a Gate 7 in a 737-800

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Any plane or livery?

No just PM me your info (Callsiign, Gate, Aircraft and livery!)

Also on ATC Playground

Please check this on how to make a title for a Event. Thank you.

You’ll have to do it on free flight if @H_boakes is doing it. He is new.

So should i delete this

No, he fixed it for you.

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no, i put that, and ok

So you fixed the title? And here are the user trust levels:

ignore this, ive made one with correct info

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I 'm coming my callsign is PH-17MD

no this one is correct, so sorry

so we did not go to St. Maarten

we go to St Marteen. Im at waiting a Gate7 now on ATC Playground

Event will last 2 hours, and we will do circits, plz stay tuned on here as we will communicate through this

Event is in progress

I am coming

OK please join ASAP