Medview Airlines Boeing 747

I am requesting for a Medview airline boeing 747. Medview is a Nigerian carrier that operates roots to London, Liberia, etc and they also operate regional flights. I would really love to see this livery in IF because I am a strong supporter in African carrier ( and middle eastern too).

picture gotten from plane

Can you add some substance to this? I don’t know what Medview Airlines is, and where they fly, you could say that. Why do you think this should be added? You could add that as well.


I’m pretty sure they go to different places around the world and perform eye surgeries or something like that.

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Cool. Just said that so substance could be added to his post, which he did. :)

Please add a link to the source of the picture and give credit to the photographer

It is a commercial airliner that operates flights to Ghana , England, Liberia and many regional flights

Not a big fan of the font…

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