Medview 777-200ER

Medview airlines the flag carrier of Nigeria which operates regional flights in Nigeria and intenational flights to London, Accra, etc recently acquired a 777-200ER to boost its fleet which consist of a 767-3ER, 737’s and 747’s so I wanted to be the first to request for the wonderful livery because I think it would be a nice addition to IF and it would also increase the number of African liveries in IF
Here is an image
Photo credits:Jetphotos

You should give us a bigger picture. :)

Is this better or should I change the picture completely

You should change the picture, it’s quite blurry.

Also, confirm if it’s a -200 or -300? The title and post conflict each other 👍🏼

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Sorry for that that was a minor mistake

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Is this picture better

I would love to see this aircraft in INFINITE FLIGHT too but the picture is blurry and give more info

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I have just added more info and if you like to see the livery please vote


Thank you and I have voted


I like this livery and I’ve also seen this on the 747 at Gatwick.

(P.S. - They don’t fly to New York)

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Weird, I looked up “medview boeing b777-200er” and the first airplanes were 747s and 737s. Also, according to Wikipedia, the Free (and Sometimes Unreliable ( :-D ) ) Encyclopedia, they are yet to get their first B777-200ER.

That is because Medview airlines just got the 777 two days ago and for some unknown reason Wikipedia has not updated their data on the airline

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Oh my gosh…

This gets on my nerves.

Okay, I edited it. :-)