Mediterranean GAT Adventure!

Nice to Gibraltar | 🇫🇷 - 🇬🇮

Hello everyone! The other day we had a GAT internal event. The flight was Nice to Gibraltar and @Thunderbolt and @Mr-plane-guy1 joined me!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Cessna Citation X
Route: LFMN - LXGB
Flight Time: 1 hour and 58 minutes

On the ramp in Nice.

@Thunderbolt takes off as @Mr-plane-guy1 and I hold short.

Gibraltar bound!

@Mr-plane-guy1 lining up.

@Thunderbolt turning as I climb out.

Barcelona! Sort of a coincidence because I took the photo right before I saw @Altaria55’s topic.

Descending into Gibraltar!

Africa on the left, Europe on the right!

Moments before a not-so-great landing due to strong winds and turbulence.

Which one was your favorite?

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Nice! Wasn’t it @Mr-plane-guy1 that was joining us, not @BadPlane?

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That last shot is really nice, great pics!

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Oh gosh, you’re right! I’m so sorry @Mr-plane-guy1! Should be fixed now

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Yeah, I wasn’t there. I had another engagement


I remember seeing y’all on the map when I was in an internal AAVA event and @Thunderbolt pinged me on the IFATC slack on the difference of the line size lol

I hope you guys had a nice flight!


Thank you very much!

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I remember seeing y’all! You did LEMD - somewhere right?

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Madrid to Brussels, correct.

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Very nice pictures!!! Also great editing. Hope to do another flight soon!

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Thank you very much, and we should definitely fly together again!

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