Medina to Dubai, diversion to Doha?!

Flight from Medina to Dubai. Cruise Alt - FL330 Emirates 808.
Expert server

It was a great day to fly and Prince Mohammad had the traffic to prove it.

Flying over the Persian Gulf into Dubai

Right on time

Next flight from Dubai to Doha - FL240, Emirates 808 Expert server (I swore I read somewhere Emirates had this route but after the flight I scanned flight aware and found nothing but one into Hamad… let’s say an airport issue caused this diversion).

Hello, goodbye Dubai

The sunset is a treat for the passengers as we enter Doha off the Persian. Calm as can be.

Another successful trip on time.

Back at it tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed.


Looks like you caught me taking off in the A350 in your first picture. Nice scenery around Medina ! :)

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Yes it was! That’s awesome! Hope you had a great flight!

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Awesome photos! Hope you had a wonderful flight!

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Emirates used to operate the dubai to doha route prior to the qatar blockade in June 2017.


Thank you for the info. It was probably one of maybe 10 out of 100 I’ve done where I didn’t pull the flight from flightaware. Got lazy lol

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