Medically disqualified for a PPL?

So, From a young age, I have always wanted to get my PPL. I always wanted to own, of all things, a Mooney M20J, and I quickly set my sights on flight schools and used aircraft and such. But then I came across this article about what medication types are on the no fly list. Now this started to make me nervous, because I have, and take medication for, ADHD.

I always have, since I was like three years old, and I still do to this day. And apparently, Concerta is on that no fly list. So I was wondering, what would it take for me to be able to pass a medical, if at all possible,given this condition?

I don’t know, but maybe at the medical test, they can sign a special paper allowing you to carry the medicine onboard. I still am not sure but it might be possible.

I do know that in some cases they can issue a waiver, but im not sure if that means you can still take the medication.

Well, I am on methylphenidate (Ritalin, concerta etc.) but for a different reason than you. And it’s on the no-fly list for a good reason - since it is basically amphetamine. However, the FAA is voting for a legislation now, which if passed - will allow pilots to fly on medication such as methylphenidate ALONE. In other words, if you were to bring someone with you, you would need a “safety pilot”. It’s looking positive for the legislation, but nothing is certain.

I suggest you speak to a aviation doctor, since it is these people who renders you fit for flight. :)

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Really now? I was not aware of this, If so, that would indeed be great news! :D

Indeed! I don’t know what to do if i’m not able to take the PPL :P

Me neither, Its what we all want isn’t it?

No doubt ;) I’ve actually started with flight lessons for my PPL already :P Can’t get enough!

Really? what school, and how far along?

Well, officially no school, but one of my friends is a certified flight instructor, so all flight hours I’ve logged flying with him are counted as official flight hours :D I currently have about 10-12 hours

Well keep on goin man, Get yours just in case I cant get mine lol;)

Maybe @Aernout kniws

I just got my medical done last month I do t take medication of any kind however to my knowledge there may be approved alternatives to the medication you take. That would allow you to fly. Best thing would be to get a medical exam scheduled and see what happens. Or just call the medical examiner and ask questions about your medication and if it can be supplemented with something else and how long you need to be on the medication before the exam.

Should I PM?

You can try

He will answer

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It is a complicated process from what I understand, but understandably so.

Yea I’m sure it is but if you want to fly you may have to jump thru some hoops the question is, is it worth it to you.

DEFINATELY! there isn’t a better view in the world

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The best thing you can do is contact the FAA, As I think you are American??, otherwise your countries CAA and ask them as they will be the one who will issue your medical license.

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