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Hey everyone!

Once again, i’m here with a screenshots topic! For this flight, I decided to take a long haul from Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Omni Air International operates their 772 occasionally from Kaneohe Bay on East Oahu. I decided it was one of those times. The total flight time was 10 hours!

Here, we have the 772 getting it’s service and passengers!

A beautiful 7am departure out of the 7000 foot runway! In the background, you can see The Stairway to Heaven located on top of East Oahu’s green mountains.

After flying over Blue Nothingness for almost 6 hours, I finally reach the West Coast overflying San Francisco at FL350.

Around an hour later, I pass a salty lake with a city, here’s a shiny wing view!

Flying over corn, wheat, and carrots, we got Nebraska chilling below.

The altitude is now 39000 as we fly over Chicago and that big shiny bean statue located downtown (If you are clueless then search it up)

Starting our descent with the sun setting and the orange moon rising.

With a beautiful touchdown of -15 V/S as my friend spammed me “butter” on DMs.

Thank you for viewing!


TOGA it is then…

Some really nice shots and the moonshot is really an incredible stunning one, excellent work! Thanks for sharing!


Wow those shots are stunning! Nice work :)

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Awesome shots! Interesting that you chose PHL too, I might fly a “charter” with the Omni 772 sometime soon!


Please share your landing replay! Great photos

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I dont have the landing replay to save storage but I can show you the IF Operations! Give me a couple seconds to get it!

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I believe you I just wanted to see it for myself

Here we are!

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Engine pics 😍 !!

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Well, if were going to be technically correct here toga it always is, it’s just a high toga today.


How did you get these figures? Looks so cool!

Its an app yuou can download on Android or IOS!

Its called IF Operations

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-15??? If I break 100 I’m thrilled 😂

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That happens if you fly 99% Airbus and talk about Boeing ;)

But honestly, never (really) knew that a FLX setting doesn’t exist on a Boeing throttle.
How would you select full thrust on a derated takeoff when you realise that you need it to make it in time (which can happen very rarely)?


I usually go 10-50% gradually in 8-10 seconds and then 50-85% gradually in 5-6 seconds for any type of takeoff. I really never use TOGA

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Yeah, normally you wouldn’t need TOGA often, but sometimes it’s the better choice I think. I have no clue about the minimum takeoff distance of the B777 though, hence I can’t say whether it would have been needed here. 7000feet just sounded relatively short when it comes to long-haul planes, hence my TOGA comment :)

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Honestly I have no idea. That’s a good question though. I just know that toga is calculated by the FMC based on all sorts of performance data from the day.

Nice pictures. I especially like the engine shot

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Im officially overjoyed when this moment happens :)