Med-View Airlines Boeing 767-300ER

Med-View Airline is an airline based in Lagos, Nigeria. The airline was founded in 2007 as a charter airline, mainly operating Haji flights, and has offered domestic passenger services since November 2012. It has since expanded into regional and long-haul scheduled passenger routes.


If this Wonderful Livery is added to Infinite Flight this Livery will be the first Nigerian Livery in Infinite flight.

I would love to see this Great 767 Livery in Infinite Flight Hopefully In the Future!!

Happy Landing!!!

Please use a better picture

Okay will get a better picture

Not really necessary.

Which one is better the old or the new

Maybe for you but on my tablet it’s like 144p

This feature request looks great @Captain_Ahmad

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The picture quality does not matter, back on topic please.


Thanks @anon7075715

Very nice livery gets my vote