Mechanics of flight and how it relates to fuel efficiency (help needed)

Hello everyone! It’s literally been AGES since I’ve posted on the IFC. I’ve been busy with life and school and typical stuff, but now I’m going to need help from all of you avgeeks. As you all may know, due to this pandemic going on exams have been cancelled all over the world, and because of this my physics grades are kinda screwed (I only study for the real exam rip me). Thankfully, my teacher has assigned us to create a 20-40 minute long presentation, which can probably help bump up my grade by a bit.

The topic I’ve chosen is about the mechanics of flight and how fuel efficiency is related to it. It would be nice if you guys can supply me with knowledge of all sorts, be it a comment or links to good resources. This either determines whether I fail or pass physics (and most likely whether I become a pilot or not)!

Thank you all so much.


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