Mecca prohibited airspace, KSA

I was doing a playback of back in August 2019 at jeddah airport (OEJN) and noticed that not a single aircraft flies over Mecca airspace even if their flying to Taif.

Shouldn’t there be an active TFR over mecca on Infinite flight?


Passenger planes are not allowed to travel over Mecca as a mark of respect to the most holy place in the Islamic faith. Infinite Flight won’t currently get involved with these real world current events — especially when they involve religion, politics, or stuff of that nature.

Read More - it’s quite interesting:


I think that no fly zones should be applied to IF to maintain realism. Wether it’s Mecca or Machu Picchu, the concept is basically the same so I don’t see what the problem is.


I believe Chris has said something on this before. Infinite flight believes in a world without conflict, and doesn’t think that conflict should ever be simulated.


Maybe at some point someone may want to fly over the city? IDK I think the TFRs like in Colorado make sense since they at least prevent some blatantly unrealistic flights from taking place.
While a TFR here just seems a bit excessive

If we’re to maintain “super realistic” On IF, there would be so many TFR’s it would restrict flying to the point people wouldn’t want to fly especially in certain parts of the world. My opinion.

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I think there should be a TFR on mecca airspace so that we can maintain realism, if anybody does not like TFR’s, then the Training server is a TFR free server😊


I don’t think it’s a like or dis like of TFR’s thing but a IRL there are SO many it would be super complicated to comply with them all. Take the TFR for the White House and surrounding area… 1/4 of the east coast would be un un-useable airspace.

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Proof? Idk if you’re exaggerating but half the world (as you say) seems a lot for TFR coverage

Proof? Take a look at any chart, fore flight ect. Agin, just my opinion. Sorry if it has offended you in any way. I deal with it on a daily basis. NYC TFR, Washington, Canaveral, PBI where the president is a lot, ect.

But…that doesn’t make sense, Adding a TFR would only make it realistic

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These airspaces all have altitude restriction like FL080 is the usual minimum. So you can still fly over these airspaces at higher altitudes.

I think you know that already

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There is a big problem with no-fly zones in IF in general actually: AP over turns and miss turns, so even when following a proper FPL you could end up in a no fly zone.

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Solution to this is to make your waypoint further away or slow down to make the turn. You can also fly above the TFR as they have a ceiling of where they are affective and where they are not.

Except then you have to make a unrealistic FPL…
Also this is not possible in China - many tight turns, and very close TFRs around airways.

There are no TFRs in Infinite Flight in China as far as I’m aware so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. The unrealistic flight plan though I don’t quite understand. You can always keep your desired flight plan and slow down to make the turn without penetrating the TFR.

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I am talking about the idea of implementing the TFRs mentioned here… Add enough TFRs and LNAV will end up going through them.

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You as the PIC are expected to avoid TFRs even if that means changing your flight plan to something you may not want to. TFRs in real life are activated and deactivated constantly. It is unlikely that Infinite Flight can add all TFRs or actually will add all the active TFRs in the real world. That’s a whole separate topic though. This is why we only have a select few. We can take this to PM as we are getting off topic and the question as to why there isn’t a TFR over Mecca has been answer with correct sources.

Have I not said enough times that the premise of my argument is that the IF autopilot can end up inside a TFR by doing the pumpkin thing if the original FPL does not go through a TFR? If AP malfuctions IRL pilot would override, but in IF we are usually AFK in cruise. BTW we are technically talking about special/restricted airspace and not TFRs.

For reference, mecca prohibited airspace is about 10nm from nearest airway. This is not too bad unless you end up actually in a pumpkin. However, another similar prohibited airspace above moscow is less than 1nm from the nearest airway.

This is very interesting! I have to say I enjoyed skimming through this thread.

Welp, you learn something everyday!

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