Meanwhile, upon landing in KSFO

A couple of days ago, I took a private aircraft to fly to San Francisco. The flight was allright, but then I got a surprise just before landing, looking through the left window! Never had I seen such a big plane on approach from such a close and frail viewpoint!

Expert server, unknown private pilot.


What aircraft is this

It is a 747 landing near my TBM…

That screenshot is amazing. It’s something different, I like it.


I think he/she meant the aircraft you were flying with ;)

Thank you, I like flying in the back seat! Gives different perspectives.

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The question is if your passengers appreciate the same way when they see their pilot relaxing in the back seat.

No your right, it’s a perspective you don’t normally use. That’s what makes the screenshots unique!


Thanks. I was flying the TBM, as seen from the back seat camera.

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Sorry, apperently read it wrong ;)… However loved the picture!

I’d love it if IF would have these kind of views for the Boeing fleets too or airbus.

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Well, thanks! The more cameras within the plane the better in my view. We are lucky to have such a great sim and to be able to makes pictures and videos so easily since we can replay our flights. I feel spoilt!


Oh yes. I couldn’t figure out what aircraft you were In

What livery was that 747 in?

The lighting and angles are magical!

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Really great picture, not a picture you see everyday, great shot 👌

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Thank you very much.

Thanks a lot!

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This I don’t know. I’ll try and check!

This one I think :

Never seen before…

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It came along with 19.2 (the update with the XCub)

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