Meaning of "Viewed" Parameter

Every time I see the Users page, I see a parameter “Viewed”. What does it mean?


Profile views? Those are the amount of users that have clicked on your profile and seen it, very self explanatory.

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I think it is the number of times other users have viewed a particular user.

I’m not sure. I just noticed the URL and it shows “Topics Entered” but I’m 1001000000000% sure I didn’t enter 291 topics this week alone,

No, it means how many people have clicked onto your profile, not how many topics you have entered.

Hmmmm, I guess you might be right. I’ll just call a mod to verify it and close this.

Can you link the URL? It sounds like you are talking about something different.

I’ve pointed the URL and the “Parameter”.

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Right, yeah I’m pretty sure that’s the amount of topics you’ve opened in the past week

That you have previously viewed that thread.

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