Meaning of Username and Callsign Color

Hey fellow pilots

This might be an irrelevant topic but I was wondering what dictates the username and callsign colors on the server. Most users names will appear in white, few will appear in green, and I’ve rarely seen some users with their username and callsign in blue. What dictates these colors? Again, sorry for this irrelevant question I’m just curious lol

Take a look at DeerCrusher’s topic linked below. He explains all tag colors as well as other information you might see in the aircraft data/information tags. Quoted directly from the topic:

Data Tag Colors

On the Infinite Flight servers, we have various users of different grades and status’ flying around. In addition to the wording to the aircraft data tags, you will notice that some tags have different colors. Below is a quick guide to these colors that you may come across.

Color Grade/Status
White Grade 1 - 3
Green Grade 4
Cream/Tan Grade 5
Purple (badged) Moderators
Blue (badged) Staff
Red (badged) Developers


Fixed it for ya, Luca.


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