Meaning of " Do not exceed..."

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So I had an approach tell me to not exceed certain speed.

Example : “IFB033 Do not exceed 180 knots”

My Question : So does this mean that I’ve to set my speed below/above what the approach controller told me?



“Do not exceed” measn you shouldn’t go any faster than the assigned speed.

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It means don’t go faster than 180 knots. So set your speed below than 180 knots.

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So what if set to 180 ( the speed that the controller set me up ) is that acceptable?

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If controller tells you „Do not exeed 180kts“, the maximum speed you’re allowed to fly is 180kts, so that’s acceptable.

In other words: 180 is acceptable. 181 is not acceptable anymore.

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Thank you guys for all your answers.

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Let me just add that even though ATC sees groundspeed, the speed commands apply to airspeed.


Yep, I know ATC only sees Ground Speed but thanks anyway :)