Meaning of “cleared for the option”

So I was just doing some pattern work at FLL and was cleared for the option. I elected to do a stop and go. Upon departure roll I was instructed to contact ground but couldn’t respond because I was about to rotate. Immediately thereafter I was given a frequency change like the controller thought I disobeyed him. Because I couldn’t respond in kind I just said, ok, this is just a game. But for that controller, here is a picture of the AIM.

Cleared for the option means that’s you have the option to do a touch and go, stop and go, low pass or land

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Is that in the infinite flight world only?

I understand that ICAO is different than FAA but I was flying at a US airport which is regulated by the FAA.

What @TimShan05 said is what it is in IF.

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Ok, thanks for that…now I know it’s not real and will plan accordingly.

A stop and go can be made, however most controllers will get the ‘contact ground’ when they see you slow down a certain amount. We usually have the ‘send’ button ready incase you are expediting the runway so we can quickly respond. A stop and go is used in IFATC training, however it is difficult to predict the pilots next move from a tower point of view.

Avoid making stop and go’s during busy traffic, or when an aircraft is waiting to depart/on final behind you.

Sorry to reply but just so you can get an understanding. 🙃

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I completely get it. It’s not as fluid as real life so all I’m saying is I need to treat it like a game, which is what it is.

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