Me stalling at 150knts in a 777

I took part at an IFATC radar Training on the IFATC Server a few minutes ago and flew the 777 at around 150-150knts on final. Suddenly the red stall wearing appeared and I had over -11,000fpm.

What was you craziest stall or near crash moment?


What was the weight of the plane when you landed? Does the load and fuel exceed the landing weight and therefore require more speed. Or have you trimmed?

When I first flew the A220 this happened to me, I was told to go around after completely missing the runway while trying to butter the landing, I ended up stalling out just out of the runway. (and crashing)

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I was very Heavy like 100% lol but not red

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above the Maximum landing weight, it’s enough to get stall


Approach to SKPS. Just a few hundred feet above a mountain because of no visibility. Had to do 2 go arounds, in one of them I was at 7 feet with a very low speed, but I luckily didn’t hit the ground.
Once when landing in EDDS, since the runway is a tabletop, (I think what it’s called) I almost hit the table thing… luckily, all that happened was I landed a few meters short of the runway.

I just took off from PHNL going to KLAX on an a330. I stalled at 36,000 and couldn’t recover.

You got it right


This made me think of the topic “how not to B744” and others ahah, nice shots :p

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