Me playing IF on my second iPad while I was flying long haul

Hello! Your subscription only allows for using one device at a time, and using multiple devices with the same account is not allowed 🙂


Casually a 777 upside down. If I was IF I would say that too and kick you off. LOL no JK

You could buy another subscription for your other device if you so inclined to do that.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Blake | IFATC in Training Manager


But you would have to make another account for IF

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True… @MJP_27


No I don’t have money for that much

You could also log out and fly with the included/previously purchased stuff, or just go do something else, but there isn’t a way to use Pro on two devices. Short of buying it again that is, but you completely understandably said you can’t do that.


You may only fly on one device using the same account at a time.