Lets all fill Punta Cana with some heavy traffic on this day

Server: Training

Airport: MDPC



Gate Assignments are as follows

Terminal A
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Duration Pilot
P01 Toronto 777-300ER Air Canada 4hrs 20mins
P02 Paris 777-300ER Air France 8hrs 20mins
P03 London 777-200ER British Airways 8hrs 5mins
P04 San Juan A320 Jet Blue 55mins
P05 New York A320-200 United Airlines 3hrs 50mins
P06 Boston A320 Jet Blue 3hrs 50mins
P07 New York A320 Jet Blue 4hrs 20mins
P08 Halifax A319 Air Canada 4hrs 10mins @United403
Terminal B
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Duration Pilot
B20 Chicago 737-8 American Airlines 5hrs
B21 Ottawwa A319 Air Canada 4hrs 30mins
B22 Newark 737-9 United Airlines 4hrs
B23 Philadelphia A321 American Airlines 4hrs @AviationAlpha
B24 Washington 737-9 United Airlines 4hrs
B26 Miami A321 American Airlines 2hrs 50mins @poncho41
B25 London A330-300 Virgin 8hrs @Ben_Walsh

More gates can be added. Please let me know if you have a specific route or aircraft you want to fly.


Ground- @Joel_Albert
Tower- @Joel_Albert
Santo Domingo Center- @LuckyRc
San Juan Oceanic- @LuckyRc


  1. I am not responsible for violations
  2. Follow ATC instructions
  3. If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  4. No pattern work
  5. Have Fun and enjoy.

I am always open to ideas and suggestions from others.
Happy flying

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