MD90 and variants addition

I’ve always wanted to see the mad dog in IF and it just has not been released. I’m pretty sure this has not been suggested but I would love to the MD90 or even its variants added to the game after the A350 or reworks and stuff because there are many livery’s (especially the late nineties to the two thousands) and it’s a nice plane to fly.
It also has an amazing engine sound,and speaking of engine sound,we should add a specific engine sound to each aircraft too! That would be pretty cool.But the MD90 and variants are a big hole on the aircraft list and I’m sure many newcomers to IF may be surprised that there is no MD series aircraft.And If anyone thinks we should not add this because it’s an old and going outa business aircraft ,look at past additions MD11 DC10 those are old planes and they got added.Hopefully everyone reads and considers :)imagehttp
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I think they will be introduced with the rework of 717-200

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Please do not speculate about upcoming features, especially when you have no evidence.
The 717 is a completely different plane by a different company
It’s like me saying that the A350 will be added because we have the 787

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Just because the plane looks alike and the details look the same ,does not mean a similar looking plane will be added with another similar looking plane ,a lot of similar looking planes are actually very different

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I think you can leave this open, just remove one picture since can only have 1 in a feature request.

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717-200 is the commercial name of an aircraft developed as MD95. mine did not want to be a speculation.