MD80 or CRJ

I have been wanting to fly the MD80 for a little bit now, because I know they are going away soon. The only thing stopping me from finding a flight is safety and noise concerns. I know many people fly frequently on the plane and I wanted to know, should I fly the MD80 soon, or skip it for a CRJ jet.


I prefer the CRJ1000

the maddogs are very safe and i have just flown them myself for similar reasons and is a must fly.

I rode an MD80 from TPA to ATL this summer, im not sure why but it was surprisingly quite… other than that you get the satisfaction of flying on a part of history.

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Thanks, I’ll try and book a flight soon.

I’d rather walk than be stuck on a CRJ7 (“I’m sorry, sir, you’ll have to check that Coke, there isn’t enough overhead storage space.”).

I fly Delta, so God knows I’ve been on plenty of Mad Dogs. They do just fine. Not something I’ll look back on though. It’s not like “remember your first PanAm 747 Flight?” I certainly would take a flight just to be on one. But I guess that’s easy to say when you’ve been on more than 50. Still better than a CRJ any day (I’ve only been on the 7 and 9, can’t speak to the -1000.)

They are louder I guess, but I never really take note of airplane noise. It’s just there. Never really thought about which are loud and which aren’t. Hard to hear over blasting headphones anyway. Certainly not talking to the person next to me about their pet Corgis.

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