MD11F Auto pilot issue.

I’ve been flying the MD11F quiet a bit since it’s release. Though as of late the aircraft has been pitching completely up until stall is reached for some unknown reason while on decent with AP engaged. Anyone else have this issue.

Do you have the Spoilers in the (Flight) position and what is your IAS? Also how much Trim are you using?

Can also be the fpm and the altitude you set the aircraft can go. Winds are thin higher, so it means less speed and more of a possibility of a stall.

Flight spoilers not engaged until 10,000agl, 230IKAS, no trim. It’s just weird I’ve never had an issue until now. It might mean more hand flying on approach.

The MD/DC series like positive trim, also be careful as to not slow too much either. This aircraft lands at higher speeds than most other aircraft.

If you could screen record and provide a video maybe we could look deeper into this.

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I will look into how to screen record the issue, I’ve never done that. Thanks.

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On iOS, there’s a control panel widget you can activate in settings. On Android do this


I also fly MD11F quite a bit, try these settings for takeoff
Flaps 10/15
Trim 65/60
V1 151
Vr 159
V2 167
Keep 10 degree nose up until VS set (I use 2300 @ 230Kts)
Once AP active 30-38% trim 245 to FL100 280 Through climb, 325 at cruise below FL280 290 Above

I realize most may or may not agree with my advice but when I encountered the same issue these set-in-stone settings worked in the remedying the issue.


Also any further information needed feel free to contact I have logged between this account and my previous almost 800 hours in the 11F

I feel like you’re not answering the OP’ s question

The answers in those settings.i had the same issue started using the settings listed, and in turn fixed the issue. It’s the direct solution (or was mine through testing) minus a bunch of words that might’ve made it seem more complicated (which frequently occurs here)

Thanks I just figured all of that last night!! All ready posted first video to you tube.