MD11F and a359 are bae

So I’ve never really used replay mode until now, and have had a lot of footage to review. probably over a hundred hours lol. Went back to a couple recent flights in a UPS MD11F and a Singapore a359, respectively labelled (1) and (2)

(1) Expert server, KSDF - KOAK. I’m departing Louisville here

(2) Expert server, FOAR - WSSS, lining up at Johannesburg.

Which photo do you prefer?


I love the Singapore A350! But both are amazing shots, so I can’t really decide which is my fav

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The MD-11 is a pain in the rear of a plane to land. The A359 is easy to land.

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now this is a fact if I’ve ever seen one. The nose didnt even come down till like 80 kts lol