MD11 under testing?

I dug up a screenshot on facebook (not mine) of Laura flying the MD11 (note two other devs are present in this screenshot). Perhaps this could mean that the DC10/MD11 is under testing for working instruments? It may seem far fetched, but somewhere on IFC it has been stated that some aircraft are ready for working instruments (meaning that a complete rework of the cockpit is unnecessary), and the MD11 could very well be one of them, since it’s one of the most recent non-working instrument aircraft. Here I will answer some potential questions so that they will be already answered:

That could be the A359 under testing?
In game the A359 shows up as nothing, it’s invisible.
What if they’re simply doing a flight with a regular DC10 and MD11?
If they were flying a regular DC10 or MD11 then it would show up as one on LiveFlight rather than a UFO.

Another screenshot taken at the same time, kind of odd there are two separate entities on expert server.

So what do y’all think it is? I know not everyone appreciates speculation but I’d like to know what everyone thinks.

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Maybe they’re just doing a group flight?

You got it!

LiveFlight shows Laura who is testing the A350.

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But if they were doing a regular flight, then certainly LiveFlight wouldn’t display it as a UFO?

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If they were displayed as a UFO then they were secretly testing the addition of flying Unicorns. I’m amazed you haven’t heard about that yet…

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Staff don’t only fly beta aircraft you know… Sometimes they also enjoy a flight in an existing aircraft 🙂


I get it but the point is if it was a regular flight it wouldn’t display as a UFO on LiveFlight wouldn’t it?

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