Md11 planes we might get

We might be vet ing all the md11 planes kc10/md11/dc10 and md11f we won’t see this plane till March probably

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Please discuss on the original thread. This happens with every release or announcement - we don’t need a topic for every feature of an aircraft, especially speculations. It will come.


Can you please stop posting bad topics please? I’m not trying to be rude, but you aren’t following the community guidelines.

As a basic, you cannot post in features yet, so you must wait until you are a member to post this. Also, you’re posting useless topics. In the last week you’ve posted ill-informed tutorials, duplicates, and posting things that don’t need a new topic (to name a few). Please read up on the community guidelines, and also read this topic here for information on posting a good topic:


I agree with @Ben_Schenk here. I’ve also seen your posts, and a number of them are either wrong, not within the guidelines of this forum or simply unnecessary.

No one knows when the DC10/MD11 is going to come. The developers haven’t even finished the aircraft before, and you start to come with conclusions as to when the next one is going to come?

Go to the topic @anon31652286 linked to. There you will find all kinds of useful and unuseful information.

This is a forum, not a chat room. Please read the guidelines so you are aware of the rules here. Search before you make a post, since it’s irritating to see these unuseful posts all the time. And lastly, before making “tutorials”, please check that the information you’re providing is correct (and of course, doesn’t already exist on the forum).


Or else you will be kicked out of the forum! Joking
Just listen to what he said ⬆️ ;-)

It’s coming in march

And you know that how? They haven’t Even begun making it.

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