MD11 Main Landing Gear inspection during flight?

During Approach into Geneva, coming from Zurich in the LH Cargo MD11 on Expert, after “Gear Down”, we had an unsafe gear indication. So we asked KLM if they could have a closer look…

Because some people here get crazy looking at these pics: I made them using the replay mode and at one point stoped the replay and selected a time like 30 seconds back , and then the server needs time to position every aircraft to where i had been 30 sec before , so it can happen like here that the klm was at the position and the server now puts my aircraft in the same spot and after u restart the replay it takes like 1-2 seconds then the klm would disappear. in this 1-2 seconds you stop the replay again and here you are, u can take screenshots from any angle ( or how else could i fly the md11 and same time make a cockpit pic out of the klm? ) . More questions ? PM me.

“ Hey KLM, LH Cargo here, would you mind to have a look if all of our gears are down and locked?” :


“ Hey Cargo, looks good so far…but hey, Cargo has no money? Your Main Landing Wheel number 4 looks like slicks from formula one,profile is below 8 mm, needs to be changed next nightstop “
image image


Lol. That’s pretty funny.

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After landing we found the TCAS computer unit … exploded ;)


All of these pictures look great as well, some of the best I’ve seen, wow…!

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Thank you, nice to hear ( read ) this … it’s just I like to try things out in IF…as IF is a sim I like to simulate things.ok this gear thing was more a joke and fun.but For example I like shutting down an engine in flight and then simulate an engine failure…good thing is that you can’t request anything so I don’t mess anything up when landing on a controlled airport…and nobody gets to know it…except maybe the tower when he see you coming in with one wing lowered to compensate…

By the way do you know when you change your airline name during flight if this will be indicated or will it remain the same that you decided for before starting the flight?


Even if you change your name mid-flight it will take effect.

Hi, that’s great I love those simulated stuffs as well!

If you change any flight details after you’ve passed the “Tap screen to calibrate and start” screen, it will take effect immediately. But FYI, as far as I know the replay file will unfortunately only record any details you typed in before that. Someone could CMIIW on this, but it has been in my experience on version 19.1. So maybe its best to set everything before you click “Fly”. Hope this helps, cheers! :)

Ok thank you for the answer and @CaptJJ exactly that’s why I wondered… thanks for letting me know.

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Great shots, unsafe idea… 😁😁😁

Yes, made the Dutch do all the work!

That’s the nicest cartoon in the entire known universe

There actually have been several occasions whare planes have had to have there gear in inspected mid flight, but never this way…

That’s funny, great pics!