MD11 Landing Gear Glitch

The MD11 is one of the most special planes in IF, with 3 engines. However, it also comes with its problems. Let’s explore that a bit today.

The MD11, if you push the yoke down on the runway after 100 knots to keep the plane rolling before V1, the nose will go through the ground and you will either stop or ground loop.

This happens with both the MD11 and MD11F.

Also, on landing, when you disengage the autopilot, the nose will pitch down even after calibration, full flaps and light weight. This also happens with the DC10 and 717. Back elevator control is very limited while forward pressure is too sensitive.

I hope some of you will fix this after the A330 or A220. Unlike the A321 engines, this is quite serious and requires more attention.
Thank you.

The issue you have while approaching might be because your trim is too low. In the Youtube tutorial from IF a trim from around 50-60% is recommended to avoid that the nose is dropping down.
I hope that helps

I did. I was also landing with a speed of 172 knots…

I use the MD-11 quite regularly and I never had the mentioned problem during takeoff, did this happen often to you? The sensitive pitch is something I struggled as well with at the beginning, but I got used to it. Since then I never had any problems with this aircraft. And you use around 50% positive trim, right?

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