Md11 engine spiral

On all the Pratt Whitney equipped and some of the GE based engines on both the cargo and pax versions of the MD11the spirals disappear once the engines are started. I’m not sure this is a bug or if this is how it’s supposed to be designed

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A screenshot or video would help.

I just double checked and they are appearing fine for me. Try restarting your app. If that doesn’t resolve not being able to see it then reinstall the app.

Verified on an iPad Pro 10.5 and iPhone 7 that they appear just fine, happily spinning ;) MD11

Also checked: A320, 737-7, 744, 757, 767 and all appear fine.


This is a known issue. It’s just a difference in texture between two modes on the fan’s texture. I’ve had this occur too.

Checked on iPad Air 2, engines go completely black when spinning (I recently did a factory reset on my device, same issue before and after)

Just to note the tail mounted engine will not have any visual engine appearance due to the real engine not being noticeable because of how far back it is. But the others are so I would follow Chris’s advice.

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Reinstall the app then report back.

Reinstalled the app and same issue.

What device do you have and what are your graphics settings at?

This is what I expected. It’s when the fan textures for “idle/windmilling” switch to the “spinning” texture. But let’s try what @Levet said about graphics settings.

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Okay I was able to duplicate this on my phone and this is directly related to having your graphics turned down. If you change your graphics settings to high (Rendering Quality-High, Rendering Resolution-High, Texture Quality-High) the spirals will appear on the cones.

I also noticed that depending on the time of day this area of the engines would appear darker with lower graphics on my iPhone.

On the iPad I lowered the graphics to low and switched the time and this made the spirals disappear.


Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this and confirm that these spirals turn dark in color as well as the fans with the engines on. They then reappear with the engines off.

Engines On:

Engines Powering Off:

iPhone 7
iOS 11.2.5
IF 17.12.17