MD11/DC10 Take off / Landing profiles?

Does anyone have the take off and landing profiles of the MD11/DC10 (mainly speeds and power settings)? Something similar to the charts made by DeerCrusher on the 777, 757 and A220. Thanks :)

I’m not sure if they fully exist! I got my info from these two video tutorials on IF’s YouTube channel!

I’m, unfortunately, afraid that these do not exist (yet!) here on the IFC.

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I only found this one.
But ill try to find more, brb

With love, Shafran❤️👀

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I have some info which you may find useful, I’ll post it here in just a moment.

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I’ve seen both of them, it’s useful but it doesn’t really work for different loads unfortunately :(

Either way, thanks for the help!

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I know :( it’s unfortunate. What I tend to do in situations where I can’t really find any information is experience through trial and error! Takes some time, but it helps most of the time! :)

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Taken from the EAF KDC-10 Handbook:

Not sure if the MD-11 physics are different from the DC-10, you can use these numbers as a base and do your own experimentation.

Hope this helps!


Awesome! Bookmarked without a second thought 😍

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Thank you so much! :D

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