MD11/DC10 Dial a flap

Hey there after flying the MD11 and DC10 for a while in IF and also in p3d i have noticed a important feature that is missing on the aircraft that is important in the realism of the aircraft.
here is an explanation of what dial a flap is and how it helps pilots during the important phases of flight such as Takeoff and landing.
The MD-11 is equipped with a unique variable flap lever position called Dial-A-Flap. It allows for any takeoff flap setting between 10 and 25 degrees to be set on the pedestal . 15 degrees is standard though it may be more optimal to use a different value depending on the situation.
That was a short explanation of what dial a flap is, it should be implemented into IF simply by having a extra square on the systems page that will allow the pilot to set the dial a flap setting between 15 and 25 degrees. and the pilot may select the flap setting like how the current flaps are set but it will just have a little note next to the Dial a flap setting.
image IRL the pilots would set the dial a flap setting using the small scroll wheel below the flap selector lever.
This feature goes hand in hand with The McDonnel Douglas DC-10 and MD-11 Rework
Thanks for viewing my topic, if this is a feature that you also would like to see in the reworked MD11 please vote.
Thank you for your time. :)

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