MD11/DC10 Center Gear Retract Switch

Just look first at the winglets, the DC10 doesn’t have
Also, the DC10 is shorter and makes the plane look more fat than the DC10

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Yes, because he changed the title afterwords ;)

Yeah DC-10 don’t have winglets, but video show little bit of wing. You can barely see shadow of wing, only inboard section of wing and that’s it. I hope the shadow of horizontal stabilizer wasn’t mistaken for wing. Also at that angle you can’t really tell the length of plane. I thought it was noise of landing gear that led you to determine that it was DC-10 if there is difference in landing gear actuation sound between DC-10 and MD-11.

Anyway, this feature is about ability of DC-10 and MD-11 to retract center landing gear while keep outboard landing gears extended so this video is still on point even if it’s not MD-11. Let’s not arguing any further and ruin this brilliant feature request. 🙂

Well I don’t even know the sound of the gear but as surprising as it could be, I can easily differentiate planes, so that could have helped ;)

Awesome, 8 votes already ! Maybe we will really have it, thanks to everybody who left a vote so far :)

I hope they add this! :)

Since I guess there is only fine tuning being done, I would like to revive this topic again. Probably a minor task to add this feature, it would add an insane amount of realism and extra benefit to the flight model.

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Yes true, I was just looking through my votes and seeing where I can pull votes away from. I will keep my vote with this feature, hoping for the best.

I actually find this interesting! Sorry but I can’t vote :(

This is really cool, and I think it would be a nice addition if you were, say, flying a repositioning flight w/o pax

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