MD11/DC10 Center Gear Retract Switch

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since we ( or FDS ) strive for ultimate realism, I think we should be able to keep the center gear locked in position if the weight is low enough. Not sure if you knew it, however there is a Center Gear Isolation Switch on the Ldg Gear Ctrl panel. It allows the center gear to remain retracted.
I’m not sure what procedures are for this, but I know it can only be done at certain weights.

You can see the gear isolation switch right next to the gear lever. You can see the locking pin and chain hanging down from it. Unfortunately i dont see any weights that are placarded next to it- nor is the photo clear enough to read them if I could.

I am up for this, since it adds even the last detail into the flight model. Same addresses for the A340, in case you wondered.

Since only one picture per request is allowed, this is how it looks from the outside :

( obviously )

Interesting feature to play around, if you ask me.


Would be a nice little detail, I’d love to have the different weight performance coming with it tho ;)

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Yeah really interesting feature to have.
The DC10 has it too no?

Isnt this the md11 cockpit (the picture you had is of a DC10):


I think you meant to say “DC10 Center Gear Retract Switch”

Anyways great topic. FDS are working hard to develop the most accurate cockpit details as well as an accurate aircraft model They probably will add this :)

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Like the DC-10-30 and -40, the center gear on the MD-11 can be retracted and stowed on ground for maintenance reasons, allowing the plane to fly using the main gear only. This, of course greatly reduces the max TOW and landing weight.
One reason to retract the gear would be if I had two bad brakes or wheels, but no spares on the station. I would swap the brakes or wheels to have the two bad ones on the center gear. Then I would power the #3 hydraulic system, deflate the center landing gear shock strut (else you´ll bend the actuator into a pretzel), go into the right MLG well and operate a manual valve located on the inner bulkhead. I would retract the Center LDG partialy, just to get the wheels off the ground. Then I would reinflate the strut, after which I would retract it completely. Afterwards I would press the CTR gear retract button beside the LDG lever on the instrument panel to isolate the CTR gear from the hydraulic system and make my logbook entry with the deferral. Now the plane would at least be able to fly to some station where they have the spares available, albeit with a huge payload and range penalty. (Wiki)


Here is the YouTube video of MD-11 Center Landing Gear Deactivation:


DC 10 taking withough center gear

MD 11 taking of with center gear:

I think both dc 10 and md 11 can deactivate the center gear. I think it is up to the pilots or something like that


It’s a bit more complicated than that. The DC-10 take-off you posted in the first video is of N560FE, which is (was?) a DC-10-10F. The DC-10-10 did not come with the centre landing gear in the first place (only the -30 and-40 did), meaning there is no such switch on that aircraft. But yes, as you said, it is up to the pilots (which @Maxmustang explained very well in an above post, with the added note that the last step in Max’s checklist is actually “inform the pilots of the coming weight and balance nightmare”). Just to be complete on this feature request, only the DC-10-30(F), DC-10-40(F), MD-10-30F, MD-11, and A340-300 have this feature (with the exception of some JAL DC-10-40s operating domestic runs where the CLG was removed to reduce weight).

Also to Max: apparently, the other reasons why the CLG would be retracted include 2-engine failures (source: regarding NW pilot training), and for procedures regarding failed CLG brakes/tyres and partial retraction to replace tyres.


Dude, thanks, you are obviously right :)


now imagine all the features that could come with it. Bitchin betty, the center gear retract, the wingflex… this could become an amazing model


Actually, the first problem can’t make the distinction between a DC10 and an MD11…
In the first video, it’s a DC10 and not an MD11…

Do me a favour and properly cite the source you directly copy something from…


Well basically it should be automatic, calculate the weight, Infinite Flight decides whether to keep the center gear up, however for the fun of it I would to have it as a manual option.

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No I rarely provide a link I just cite the source. I’m confidant our members are intelligent enough to extrapolate should they desire to delve deeper into the subject. Max


I’m just going to say this now, how do we know if this is not going to be in the update?

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I can’t hear anything from video so I went with its title. How did you know it was DC-10?

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You actually don’t really need to hear anything to see the difference :).