MD-88 tailcone airstairs

So, I was doing some research on the stars on the rear of the MD-88. It’s really cool, it’s like a secret entrance.

Does anyone know why there are stars here? Have you ever used them? Why do you think other planes don’t have them?


The tailcone stairs were used for boarding and deboarding, espepcially at airports with no jetbridges. I think the DC9’s also featured these, if I’ve not mistaken myself ;)


No, on an article I read it said that the DC-9s are lower to the ground, so they don’t have room.

Here is PH-DNO, seen with the stairs at the back. PH-DNO was a dutch registred DC 9-33.



I’m pretty sure you ment the 717s not the dc-9


The Boeing 727 had this too! It’s a pretty cool feature!


Yep those are fun to look and go on :D

The 727 is basically a md series but Boeing bought them out then thus 727

I am guessing it’s on the Boeing 717? I remember a delta 717 engine caught on fire and someone opened the tail cone but there weren’t stairs just the cone dangling on the tarmac.

It looks more like a 737 to me

I think you mean the 717, but no worries, I made the same mistake earlier:-)

Ooooh lol I see xd

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The Boeing 727 had these as well.

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Almost all the non regional T tail aircraft have this because you cant have emergency exits in the back because of the placement of the engines.

Do the llyushin T tails have them?

The Russian ones do not have a tail exit, but then again those Russian aircraft didnt have automatic oxygen mask systems either. I should have been specific almost all NA T tail aircraft.

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The only one that doesn’t have it is the 717.

That’s wrong. The 727-100 was a product of the early 60s and was a trijet. The DC-9 came out in 65 I think and it was a much smaller twin jet. The 727-200 could carry 189 passengers, as many as the modern 737-800 and A320. The DC-9 ranged from 90-150 passengers. The MD-80 was a larger version of the DC-9, also called the DC-9-81 through DC-9-88 and eventually -90 series. The 717 was a failed attempt by Boeing to eliminate MD-80s from the world’s fleets. The reason it failed was because it did a much better job of replacing 737-300s than MD-80s, and the project was put out of production in 2007. This is just a short history of the Douglas/Boeing rivalry, for those who did not know, and I see you acknowledged your mistake already.


Someone told me I was wrong anyway… lol but thanks for sharing :D

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What a feature! I love it!

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