MD-80 Gear Indicator

There’s a special feature in the MD-80 that not too many people know about, and I’d like to share it with you all! In the main cabin, there’s a small periscope in the flooring. This periscope allows you to see if the main landing gear has been properly extended! Here’s an image from the American Airlines MD-80 Maintenance Book.


This is a really interesting fact to know about. Thanks for sharing.

Once again @Boeing707 will enjoy this ;)


Awesome, so pilots can see through the floor! It reminds me of Airbus’ concept aircraft with glass flooring (it gives me shivers thinking about it). Interesting, I’m sure none of us ever knew this!

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I knew something similar that isn’t from the MD-80. The feature is a little red light that extends from the wing of the aircraft to let pilots know that the gear was extend:)

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Wow that is a very interesting fact, thanks for sharing :)

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