MD-11F Yoke Problem

Hey all,
Just yesterday I was flying on my around the world tour Flying Around The World, To Every Country and I experienced something that I’ve never had to deal with:

This doesn’t look bad, just a little off the ILS but that was because I was flying a severely injured aircraft. At this time it seems that I had the device pointed a little up bit instead it was completely down, I mean I don’t understand why my device didn’t flip the screen down.

This was the elevators for the whole last 10 minutes including the touchdown, I recalibrated it multiple times. The device control settings were indicating that I was pushing the control column but the aircraft was barely level at the best of times. In the end, the aircraft landed pretty smoothly as usual but yeah, interesting. Has anyone else had this problem?

Just to clarify, this actually affected the controls? Not just a visual glitch?

Oh it was affecting the controls alright! Every time I thought the problem was fixed, I’d pull the control column so it would be level ad it almost stalled!

Ok, understood, has this affected any other flights? Or just this one?

From my understanding that’s about normal. The MD11/DC10 require quite a bit of back pressure to keep the nose up; especially when in the approach-to-landing phase. One of the things that I noticed in your screenshot was your trim. You have the trim set to 0%. My recommendation is to set this trim at or near 50% for starters. Realistically, you will want to trim the aircraft until the pink magenta line is completely gone. Sometimes this can get up to 65-70%. By doing this, you won’t feel like you’re falling back in your chair attempting to keep the nose up. I know the feeling. 😅

Keep in mind that this trim setting will vary based on aircraft weight and speed, but this should help alleviate a lot of the control pressure that you were experiencing.


hey @DeerCrusher,
Although you do have some great tips (thanks), I can usually land the MD-11F at my default of 20% trim and a little bit of back pressure for flaring. However, when I was flying, my device was almost sitting on its side and as I said, I’ve landed the MD-11F many times before this event. I should probably also mention that it stared around 15,000ft when I realised that I couldn’t get the nose down to descend. I should have screened shotted the controls settings so you could see that it was recognising my extreme inputs but wasn’t doing anything.

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Ok. Interesting. I would restart the app by closing it down and starting it up fresh. If that doesn’t resolve it, consider restarting your device as well. Could be a small hiccup somewhere in the line.


Yep, I have and I am just about to see if it works again. Thanks for your help!

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this is what happened to me deer. it’s not a device issue and we have replicated it before

Do you guys have any steps to provide that would allow me to reproduce this?

  • Weight/Aircraft load?
  • Altitude?
  • Speed?
  • Only on landing? Only takeoff? All phases of flight?
  • Anything else special you might have done. Whether it was silly/stupid or not, anything helps. 🙂

for me it was on landing after i would turn off the autopilot and was on short final. weight can vary and i have experienced it in the following planes: CCX, F-22, TBM, 787, and 737. I cannot remember speeds.

And just so I can clarify, this is a visual issue with the elevator or is it a physics issue?


i have a screen recording of it happening too if u need it

physics issue

remember when i got the violation for doing a full flip on final at KGCN?

Upload it to Youtube and unlist it please. That would be helpful.

Had you tried recalibrating and/restore defaults (located under control settings in Infinite Flight)?

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Your iPad may seem to have a cracked screen. Do you think the cracked screen would damage the touch screen sensor or the iOS resulting the iPad doing all the hassle? I may be just wondering. And, how long time ago did your iPad screen crack?

  • I may suggest brining your iPad to the nearest local device repair shop. Maybe after this fix your app may run better I hope.

Tell me what do you think. That is my opinion at first.
Also, thanks for the video evidence. It helps us a lot. :)