MD-11F Problems

Hi! I was flying a MD -11F today from Las Vegas and I realised issues with Autopilot and the plane not responding to my actions on short final when I was trying to line up with the runway . Also, when I was cruising, my V

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also dont forget to use trim set to 55 to 60 % positive

Hi did not finish it off accidently pressed post - it continued to climb at VS 3000 despite having it at Vs0

hi i also have sometimes this problem

Oh. Thanks

I crashed when I was on final because it was not responding to what I was trying to do .

Usually I do .

Pitch 5 degrees while approaching the runway landing speed 145-155 and flare 7-8 degrees

I think this belongs in #support but I may be wrong

No, it does not. #support is for app-related technical issues only.

As for the OP’s problem, what is your flaps, trim, speed, and autopilot set to?

VS 0 -However plane still climbing
Speed 300 something
Altitude - 20,000
Navigating to lax

Flaps 0
Trim like 15

I started with it in negative to push the nose down but did not help.

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