MD-11F lost speed

I flew to HKG and I reached 33000 feet, then my plane lost speed, but I had 100% speed.
I had to cancel the flight… :(

You either climbed too fast, too high, or both. Planes get lighter as they fly, which is part of the reason for stepclimbs. If you climb too fast, your plane struggles to maintain the speed. I would recommend staying at a lower altitude, at least for the first part of the flight, or climbing at a much slower rate.

You probably had flaps to high or you were climbing at a High VS.

Climb in steps so this wont happen.

Too high , too soon. Try step climbing to burn off some fuel / weight.

No i had no flaps and 500 Vertical speed.
This isn‘t my First flight with this plane. I flew EDDF to KDFW and with the same procedure of climbing and weight.

I have 433h flight time ;) I know this :D

Better luck next time

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Were you on autopilot?

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Yes enroute to HKG on 33000ft

Did you have fuel? I know quite a few people who forgot to fuel up. Myself included. Lol 🙄


You were obviously just too heavy. Next time, try FL290 or FL310 (although that still might have been too high based on your screenshot) before climbing to a higher altitude.

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I will try it
I am currently doing a test flight for climbing after restart my device. The same Stall at 39000ft

Well of course you stalled at 39000. I rarely get that high until the last hour or two of most long hauls, unless I have a fairly light load.