MD-11F intercepting localizer

Has anyone else experienced the oversteering the MD-11 performs when trying to line itself up with the localizer when activating APPR mode? I couldn’t find anything about it.

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Well two things, the MD-11/F is a very tricky beast. You have to find the right landing speeds. and be within 30° of the runway heading.

i didn’t experience somthing like that. but can you maybe give some mor details what happen ?

Do you experience this when you are already lined up?

I’m aware of how to land the aircraft. Even when I’m just a couple degrees off from the localizer it will still oversteer on and on. I’ve been flying the MD for a few years now and it’s really the only aircraft I fly. I’ve always noticed this issue but I’ve never posted about it.

To explain further, when I’m coming up on the glide slope, I’m usually a couple degrees off and for the most part I’m lined up with the glide slope but as soon as I activate APPR mode it will turn sharply towards the localizer and it won’t turn back the other way until it crosses it and same thing when it comes back across the localizer again.

If you experience this problem, de-activate APPR, and line up the aircraft manually.

If after lining up perfectly this still happens, it could be a problem with the MD-11’s APPR itself.

Pretty sure it has to do with the speed because the aircraft using appr doesn’t really have a slow approach speed so then APPR just constantly over corrects itself until it finally locks on the localizer, Landing the MD-11 by hand is a lot more fun then using APPR

I usually do, I just use APPR to calibrate my trim and complete my landing checklist and then I switch back to hand flying. I’ll just set my VS from now on and disregard the APPR mode.


Yeah, I think that’s the best solution.


Thanks for your input guys. The oversteering occurs regardless of speed and location on the localizer so I believe there is a small issue with it but anyways, I still love flying it.

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Hmm after few days in this game and completly amazed b dc10 plane i pretty much dont have any problem ,only if i fail badly on landing with direction,doing everything manualy just AP on alt cruize,actualy still dont know what exactly is APPR::)

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