MD-11F/DC-10F Interior Cargo View


I noticed that we don’t have an interior view of the MD-11/DC-10, like the one on the C-130 variants. So, why not have one on the MD-11F and DC-10F variants? This would be very useful for loading/unloading Cargo, as well as just chilling in the interior on a long flight. Below is a picture of what the camera view may look like:

I understand that freecam may be used for this, but it just isnt’t convienient as the angle goes away if you switch from freecam, and it isn’t accessible when you’re in the air.

Yeah and they could add little more details with the new view just like the C-130


I don’t think this is necessary, they included the internal view in the C-130 because it’s meant to have people in it and looking out of it during flight. These planes don’t even have windows, and while it’s fun to look around inside, I don’t see it as being needed.


It looks like the devs put a lot of effort into the enterior of the aircraft. This camera would be nice.


What’s the point of an interior if you can’t see it?


You can see the interior through the cargo door. What’s the point of an internal camera if you can’t see outside?

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To see inside for example…

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no need for this tbh…
adding this feature(waste of time)… prefer do others rework things ;)

It’s a flight simulator, not a cargo pallet simulator. I can see the interest with the interior of the aircraft, but in my opinion the focus is on what’s outside. But by all means, if you want this then vote!


Totally on your side. Although I do think they put a lot of effort for the interior so it would make sense to have that view and enjoy before or during a flight.

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Cargo pallet simulator. I can’t imagine anything more entertaining!

Why do people say this for every feature they don’t like? I doubt this would take more than five minutes to add. If it wouldn’t realistically take away time from other features, don’t say it would.

it’s just no need for now ;)
others features request are more important than this

You said your part now lets move on, if anyone doesn’t like the feature dont vote for it but please dont criticize it unless its constructive… Im sure “There is no need for this” is constructive guys, be humble ;).

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lol sorry then
shouldn’t say too straight…should say it in the way softer :)