MD-11 Wingview too low

I was flying around with the MD-11, when I suddendly noticed that the Wingview was too low ;-( Screenshot_20171209-130600

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May i ask, too low according to what? ;)


I’m quite sure this doesn’t belong in the support category. And what exactly do you mean by “wing view too low”…because in fact u are quite a bit higher than the wing, where the passenger window would be.
Edit: I see what u mean I think…you are actually below the window. Is that what u mean?

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Don’t think it’s that much too low, they might fix that in the future tho, like they did on the A320 family :)


It is not ‘on the Window’ like a realistic Wingview.


It’s an external camera view
If it were to be a realistic wing view as you suggest, you would see about 50% of what you are seeing here and you would not be able to see the fuselage. :)


Yes, that’s what I meant

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Yep, what schyllberg said. Though I would too like an actual “wing view”, like from the inside, and I think that has been requested in features if I remember correctly…


I’m fairly certain that a large percentage of this community is too young to either remember having flown on the DC10/MD11 or hasn’t flown on the aircraft at all. With that being said, I personally think it’s fine the way it is; looks normal.


I have flown the MD-11 and I remember having a almost exact same wingview, it was a little bit higher, but I now have got used to this slightly lower wingview!