MD-11 wheelie glitch

So… I am at my favorite airport on expert flying the MD-11 and this happens!
“The Glitch”
Does anyone have an explanation for this?

Happens every time whenever I fly the jet while pushing back on the DC10 and MD11. I have no clue how to stop it from happening though

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Isn’t it the worst!?

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It happens when i taxi too

Strange. I bet it’s because you had all of the engines on before pushback, because I don’t do that and it’s never happened to me.

Are you tail-heavy at all?

No i corrected it to make it nose heavy.

Nope doing everything to the correct procedure does nothing to help the situation. You don’t experience it because it’s rare, its only affecting a few people. Not sure if there is a more obvious reason for it but thats definitely not it


This has never happened to me.

I think i got ghosted for it. No one is responding at KEWR. Why would they think a grade 5 is wheelieing at active lol

I think it is because all of your engines are on, id never happens to me.

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Or maybe it’s that specific spot. Try doing it at another ramp :)

Guys, if we haven’t got anything constructive, or a solicitation to add to this chat can we stop replying for the sake of replying? 9 times out of 10, the OP isn’t correctly answered and the question gets lost halfway through the thread 😗

Leave it for the moderators, they’ll know more than any member here


Hello everyone, we’ll get some beta testers on this to try and reproduce so that we can relay valuable and vital reproducible information to the development team. As soon as we gather enough information we can present to the devs and see if a fix is necessary.

Thanks all, Levet


@Jackson_Kaiman could you provide a screenshot of your W&B settings when this happens?


Just a quick update:

Our dedicated team of testers were able to reproduce this. For the time being we recommend avoiding the following load out of having the cargo at zero and the fuel at 104,256kg / 229,845lbs while pushing back and the engines all on.