MD-11 problems

I was doing a flight from new york to London heathrow but the problem was that when I was landing the plane started going tilting up and the plane stall, because of that the plane stall and the game downgrade me to Grade 1.

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How does that relate to landing?

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Didn’t read that part my bad lol

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What speed were you landing at? What were the winds like?

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the MD-11 flies very differently from other aircrafts
She requires lots of trim (>60% for landing)
I normally approach the glide slope with 160kts on appr, then take over the aircraft and land with about 140-135kts, full flaps and about 70% trim. Works well for me

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Did you recalibrate your device,🙂

How could it have downgraded you to grade one?

Hey @Vinamra_Acharya I suggest you watch or rewatch this video, then go back into the replay and see where you went wrong.

My best guess is when it stalled, he picked up too many overspeed violations.

Hmm. It may be because you engaged the flaps too quickly and at too high a speed.

Unfortunately you’ll just have to wait it out until the violations expire.

Yep, that’s a common mistake too. You want to ease the bird into the higher flaps.


cannot quiet make out what u mean by this description, but if your nose rises uncontrollably high, apply negative trim, reduce speed, pull up flaps. After flight physics those are actions that will get the nose downwards.

Additionally to the MD-11, it is indeed a different behaving different. Its important to Keep your load in mind for both take off and landing. If you land heavy, dont go to slow (suggested Speed of 150kts+ on final), put flaps down early enough.

Another additional tipp for Infinite Flight in general. If youre fighting an aircraft and notice the first warnings, but can see that youre not in control of the situation, u might want to consider leaving the flight asap to avoid violations (Its better to cancel the flight than canceling the grade for a weej). Analyze what happened in replay or recreate the situation on solo, before flying the MD-11 again

Yes, i think is because of that Thank You. :D

Thank You :D

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