MD-11 Jakarta to Hong Kong

Aircraft : McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Livery : Garuda Indonesia
callsign : PK-GIJ
cruise : FL380 - FL370
server : expert

park at the gate to get started

taxiing to runway 25R

taking off runway 25R

leaving Jakarta

cruising with sunrise

cruising above Hainan


approach into Hong Kong

landing runway 13

park at the gate to finish the flight

Love that powerful beast, cool pics! Thanks for sharing!

The Garuda livery on an MD-11 is just perfect, isn’t it? Used to only fly that in IF before live instruments got to me :) Hope they’ll rework this baby one day…


Nice screenshots ! I love your right turn before the landing !

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Nice shots ! I once visited the place which used to be Kai Tak and I miss it lol

I’m part indonesian, garuda indonesia brings me lots of memories of my home country, very nice photos!

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Sweet photos!

The last 3 photos have been updated.