MD-11 Glitch

Hello i have a samsung galaxy s6 edge with android 7.1 and if i try to fly the MD-11 or the freighter version the whole game os laggy but if i try the DC 10 it doesnt happen.


A video can help allot ;), have you tried restarting your device?

I will make a video and i tried that yes

1 Like here you go

The Galaxy s6 has the A57 cores that caused some bootloops and is notorious for being rushed and bad. Try letting your device cool down.

Generally a restart of the device like 305 said and a complete reinstall of the app are some good starting points. Never expierenced this issue personally. Have you closed all other apps that could be running in the background?


I did closed all apps but i will try a reinstall

Reinstalling might be the fix, my device, Samsung J5 2016 runs both aircraft smooth with medium graphics

Reinstall has fixed it it is buttersmooth now