MD-11 / DC10 FMC Keypad fault

MD-11 / DC10 FMC Keypad fault

Has anyone, most importantly our developers noticed that the key pad on the FMC within the flight deck of the new MD and DC models is actually a little bit faulty?

I noticed this when it first came out but haven’t seen anyone else pick up on it.

I am interested to see if anyone else has picked up on this little ‘Easter egg’ like fault.

*Not sure what category this should be… Let’s try ‘Live’
Edit: ‘General’… Thanks @ItzEhs

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I noticed that some time ago and posted a pic in a thread (I don’t remember which one).
But let’s see if the devs will change it. I personally don’t mind as this doesn’t effect your flight (-experience).

Couldn’t agree more, doesn’t affect your experience, just thought it was a nice little notice! Maybe they will, maybe they won’t!

Yeah it’s known:

As Starley said, no biggie :)


Well look at that! FMC/CDU, touchy thing…many a name eh.

No biggie at all, cool spot though!