MD-11/DC-10 Rides

Is it at all possible to ride in these aircraft? I would be really interested in catching a ride on a cargo flight?


Hardly but you can try asking the company, I don’t think they’ll let you


Your best bet would be to be employed by a company that operates them that allows their employees to take the jumpseat to varying locations.

Often times, cargo companies are restricted by regulations that they cannot operate with “passengers”


Yeah, sure, just sneak into the cargo bay and don’t move until you feel the plane moving. now mind you, you will get tossed around during the flight with the turbulence, also the downside of the seat you selected is there is no window… But Hey! You’re still riding in one


Is that there isn’t one! 😂😂


Mail yourself in a box.


Or just become a pilot for a FedEx or UPS or which over cargo companies have them


Hey I know UPS’s regards to this are that you can not catch a ride unless your a crew member or work for UPS airlines. I am not sure if you can do this with family, but if you have family who are a cargo pilot reach out to them. If not than reach out to the company if they say yes you may have to go through security clearance and other paperwork stating you won’t hijack the plane. I highly doubt you will get a YES response

You won’t get tossed around the boxes are put in containers that are filled to the max

In the mean time I recommend watching these series on YouTube by the Company ’ AirClips’. It follows a rotation from Germany to Nairobi to Johansaberg and then return with 4 different flights. Gives some great insight to how flights are planned and operated as well as some great behind the scenes of the MD11 which you wouldn’t see as a passenger.

1/4 below, other there are easy to find!


This topic has just exploded into a joke… Basically you’d probably have too know someone in the Airline for a jump Seat, because it’s highly rare that they’d let you tag along if you just ask the company.

You can ask the company
I think FedEx allows this…

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No we don’t. Only off duty pilots and pilots from other airlines can for leisure. Upper management- directors, senior managers, CIO, CEO etc. for business. Sometimes you will see mechanics or engineers but thats for emergencies.

It’s somewhat the same for UPS but I don’t want to get to much into it since I don’t work for them.

Also for FedEx the original jumpseat perk was any Express employee can travel to where the airline flies too. It was never ment for family members.