MD-11/DC-10 Family and A330-200F issues

Hi all! After 21.1 came out There have been great Improvements made by the IF team , but unfortunately some other areas have been negatively effected. I’ve found issues to be most prevalent in older IF aircraft. As a pilot in UPS virtual, our only two aircraft with the UPS livery are the A330-200F and MD-11F. After 21.1 came out there have been some issues with these aircraft that I would like to bring attention to in hopes that the IF team could take a look at these and improve them for everyone to enjoy!

First I’ll start with the A330

As you can see, the right landing gear strut extends through the wing. This was an issue on both wings in the 21.1 beta and the IF team said they fixed it, but unfortunately it is still prevalent on one side of the aircraft.

Next is the MD-11F

I’ve discovered 3 main issues with this aircraft, the first being the floating bar in front of the right wing, second being the yoke being stuck inside the pilots (which was put in #beta as a bug, but unfortunately made it into 21.1 and now 21.2), and finally the gear lever is reversed (up is down, and down is up.)

I love these old birds and would be ecstatic to see these put back the way they were before 21.1 I appreciate any consideration of the issues I’ve shared!


I’ve noticed various wing texture issues with planes like the 737 and 777 as well. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, and I’d love to see more UPS liveries as well. (hopefully they rework the a330-200F with the a330 rework, fingers crossed.)


Include the A350 for the wingtips.


Sadly with the largest Parcel Carrier in the world and the only 2 aircraft we have liveries in are both now less than desirable. While we all like the new 3D airports, when they diminish previously working airframes its 1 step forward and 2 back! Help please.


What’s wrong with them?

See above pics.


There are no A350 pictures

Most, if not all of these issues are already reported and the developers are also already working to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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If it were something they were trying to fix, it would’ve most likely been fixed in 21.2. These are all 21.2 screenshots.


I saw some missing textures(some blinking purple) on them.

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Despite all the wonderful additions from 21.1/2, some of these improvements became a total bull in a China shop to the details of the sim.

AC130 missing guns

MD11 Yokes, Slats, Gear lever

Headless DC-10 captain

Unexplained changes to the 787-9 cockpit view

Glossy Citation cockpit

Removal of cockpit lighting on the 747

Gear sinking into the ground

Warped 777 fan blades

Random texture glitches

Free cams getting x-ray vision around terminals and inside aircraft

Holes in aircraft

See-through slats and spoilers

777 wing bump

Previous crisp cockpit textures on some aircraft have become unreadably blurry

I could go on…

Although I truly appreciate the work put in, and the pace at which some things were fixed in the open beta was impressive, it still feels like for every new feature, two random gremlins would appear creating new problems


Obligatory don’t worry the staff is ‘‘working’’ on it


Staff have stated that some of these issues are not easy fixes and will take time to address. Even though it may not seem like it, they are doing their best on a daily basis to address these issues in a timely manner. Do keep in mind that it is a relatively small developer team, too.

@Captain_Cannon not everything can be fixed in such a short timeframe. I wouldn’t expect every single one of the bugs that have been reported in this thread to be fixed relatively soon. All websites and apps have bugs, it’s something that happens to all developers.

I’ve also had issues with the A330-200f landing sticking outside the aircraft. For me it happens in both wings.

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The MD-11F yoke is not only “inside the pilots” but I noticed that they don’t move forward and backward. I thought this was a mistake by the devs but then I realised that the yoke is physically stuck to them and it’s can’t move forwards and backwards.

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Wouldn’t be UPS has no 350 Livery

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Nose gear lever issue on MD/DC Family too. It looks weird

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