MD-11 cockpit view disturbing

After update, the MD-11 cockpit view become disturbing during flight. The cockpit view move suddenly a little bit from lower left corner to upper right conrner quickly, then ,it back to normal almost immediately, feels like something hit airplane heavily. This happens from time to time during whole flight. It disturbing a lot, hope future update resolve this promblem.

And I am using iPad Pro 9.7, latest iOS

The MD-11 is one of our newest builds. What device do you have and does this issue happen with all camera views? Are you referring to the slight blip that occurs occasionally?

Edit: You added your device

If you touch the screen outside of the provided UI (buttons) the camera will move but you can double tap the screen to return it to its normal position.

I didn’t touch anything, whole ui of cockpit sudden move, it’s not wind or turbulence, I’m sure it’s some kind of UI error, before update, it’s some kind of throttle sudden change, but I can live with that.

I believe you are referencing the quick “jolt, blip, bounce…” of the view that returns to normal. This is a known minor imperfection. It shouldn’t have any impact on your flight heading, ascent/descent and so on.

I had this happen on my iPhone before, it was because my screen was damaged (It was bent inward, so it triggered the touchpad sensors, or something related to that.)

Negative, he’s talking about the known issue I posted above. It’s very random in occurrence.

As mentioned, known issue but shouldn’t affect flight ;)