McMurdo to the South Pole (Antarctica’s El Classico)

Hello everyone! Earlier I did a flight from McMurdo station down to the South Pole! It was pretty fun, but the scenery was bland by the time I got near the South Pole. Regardless, I managed to capture some great photos from the flight. I am deeming this the El Classico of Antarctica because why not 🇦🇶. Let me know what you think of the photos!

Flight Details for those who care

Server: Expert
Aircraft: U.S. Navy C-130H
Route: NZIR - NZSP
Flight time: 2 hours 14 minutes

Parked at McMurdo Station


Catch ya later McMurdo 👋

Flying near coastal Antarctica with some pretty cool scenery 🇦🇶

On final at South Pole station

Buttering up the South Pole 🧈

I’ll give this flight 3/5 stars because of the nice departure, kind of good scenery, and difficult approach (due to flying directly over the South Pole and having your headings change)

Which photos are you favorite?

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  • Photo #3
  • Photo #4
  • Photo #5
  • Photo #6

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Did you edit the photos?

Yup. I used Adobe Lightroom to edit them!

Nice! I need to fly in Antarctica again soon.

Also given you’ve mentioned “El Classico”, I feel it’s my duty to summon the “El Classico” king @CK777.

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben


The El Classico king must approve of this!

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Whichever photo wins will be my new profile background!

For some reason, I get creepy from photos with a flat earth… anyway, cool photos!

I feel like I need to make one of these as well, purely to make everyone mad

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El classico is not trend. It’s a lifestyle.

Since photo 4 has the most votes, that is what I’m changing to my profile background!