McMurdo Station Guide


I’m flying for the first time into McMurdo Station in Antarctica. There aren’t any taxiways or designated aprons, so I have some questions. Please answer them because I am clueless

  1. Is it easier to land at Williams Field or Ice Runway?
  2. Where should I park when there’s no designated aprons and taxiways?
  3. For this time of year, what would be more realistic?
  4. What runway would be best to approach for a first time visitor?
  5. Is it even a smart idea to land an A350 in Antarctica?


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@AdamCallow I know that you’ve been crazy enough to fly here. Any tips?

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I’m beginning my descent. Everything looks good.

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I’ve flown around the South Pole before, not sure I’ve gone to McMurdo though.

I should probably try and take a 757 in there at some point.

Let’s start with this.

Which would be easiest?

  • Ice Runway (NZIR)
  • Williams Field (NZWD)

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Which runway should I approach?

  • 34
  • 29
  • 11
  • 16

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Where should I park? (pls reply to this)

If someone could escort me in an XCub to the parking area, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve done it once or twice.

I think the Ice Runway, I would check to see if this is the one I used but I’m in a flight atm… :/

MYOG (Make-Your-Own-Gate)

Not sure, but I remember trying to fly the Globemaster once and fuel was an issue. Definitely go with a 757, A350, etc.

Just pretend it’s white pavement, you’ll be fine… :)

Of course! Infinite possibilities on Infinite Flight not need to factor in if they are smart ideas.

Just think of the pressure (in terms of fun) you’ll have on final approach.

One last thing - if your going to make it a serious flight, try a few approaches in solo mode… sometimes I forget about good 'ol solo mode! Good luck!

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So I guess I just wing it?

(pun intended)


Hahaha… yes.

I should have just typed that.

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Just did some research and it seems like ice runway is out of commission after December, so Imma try Williams Field

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Oh also @NuggetFornia - check out these videos:

YouTube Search Results: “McMurdo Station Landing”

It was fun to watch all of them (and I mean all of them) while I was doing my flight.

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It was years ago but we flew some C130s to there. I don’t remember all the details and some of the other pilots that I know were with me aren’t active on IFC anymore. Shame 😔


I watched some vids and it seems like military aircraft fly into NZFX and commercial jets fly to NZIR, so Imma try NZIR just becuz

And they park at the end of the runway.

Imma park off to the side of the runway in case anyone wants to depart while I’m there

Maybe this can spark some kind of “Frozen Flyout” event!

…or “Frozen Fly-in”

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Landed and parked!

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Screenshots or it didn’t happen… ;)

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