McLaren vs RAF F35

I thought that this would be clickbait or some sort of gimmick. Watch for yourself. Pretty crazy and pretty cool that all parties were able to pull something like this off.

Before you watch the video, who do you think will win this race? Hints on the race, there’s 3 runways, the F35 will take off with the McLaren alongside it, the McLaren will navigate around all three runways to the finish line from the ground. The F35 will takeoff and then needs to make some really sharp turns. The course is triangular since all 3 runways intersect one another at each end.

McLaren Speedtail vs F35
  • McLaren Speedtail
  • F35

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Good video !

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As expected, the Lightning will win the battle. Imagine yourself as the driver of the McLaran next to an F-35 rotating at 200kts next to you.


I would pay any amount to have the experience of the driver being that close to an F-35 taking off that is so cool!


Besides the fact that you are racing an F-35 with a speed tail, you will lose. But I must say, that was a great episode of TopGear!

They did another version of it, think it was a Bugatti Vs Typhoon. Worth a watch, and the entire series of Top Gear is an outstanding binge when your wife and kids aren’t around!

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Lol! That Bugatti vs. Typhoon was with the best crew (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May). But definitely worth watching both of races, as it was worth my time!

Certainly a cool race. Not as interesting as the classic veyron Vs typhoon, but still cool.

I’d rather have the Speedtail though over the F35 #plsdontkillme

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That would certainly be impressive!